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Meet Dr. Reddy

Dr. Prasanth Reddy and his family came to this country from Chennai, India, on the promise of the American Dream. He immigrated to the United States – specifically Kansas – when he was a child. And he has spent his adult life giving back to the country that gave his family so much.

Knowing that American citizenship is the privilege of a lifetime, Dr. Reddy has worked every day to make the most of it. He was raised in Kansas, graduated from Kansas public schools, and earned his bachelor’s in microbiology and psychology from Kansas State University.

Dr. Reddy earned his medical degree from the University of Kansas Medical Center, where he completed his internal medicine residency and clinical hematology and oncology fellowship. He also obtained a master’s degree in public health through a National Institutes of Health Clinical Research Curriculum Award program and is an alumnus of Harvard Business School.

Dr. Prasanth Reddy wearing an United States Air Force Reserves uniform
Dr. Prasanth Reddy wearing an United States Air Force Reserves uniform

Dr. Reddy lives in Lenexa, and is triple-board certified in internal medicine, medical oncology, and hematology. He practiced medicine and served in leadership positions for more than a decade in various clinical settings, including academia, private practice, and managed care.

After years of practicing medicine and serving patients, Dr. Reddy moved to research. He served as Senior Vice President & Global Head of Enterprise Oncology at Labcorp from 2021 to July of 2023. He previously served as Vice President of Medical Affairs at Foundation Medicine, and as a national leader developing oncology service line treatment pathways at the Adventist Health System.

When the unthinkable occurred on 9/11, Dr. Reddy saw an opportunity to help his country. He signed up for the United States Air Force Reserve, and is currently a Lieutenant Colonel.

Dr. Reddy’s Priorities

Dr. Prasanth Reddy and his family came to this country on the promise of the American Dream, and he has spent his life giving back to the country that gave his family so much.

Defend our Nation

After 9/11, Dr. Reddy joined the United States Air Force Reserve, and is a Lt. Colonel. He will continue to protect our nation and ensure our veterans are never mistreated again.

Stand Up for Students & Parents

Education made all the difference in Dr. Reddy’s American Dream. He will fight so every child has a shot at a quality education, and that every parent has a voice.

Secure the Border

As a legal immigrant himself, Dr. Reddy will fight to secure the border, stop the flow of dangerous fentanyl into our communities, and end illegal immigration.

Support Law Enforcement

While the Kansas City metro faces record crime, Dr. Reddy will give our law enforcement the resources they need, and will stand up to the Squad trying to defund them.

Heal our Economy

As a small business owner and experienced executive, Dr. Reddy will undo the Biden-Davids policies that have caused the worst inflation in a generation.

Stand Up to China

From spying on Americans, to unleashing a virus, to giving Mexican drug cartels what they need to poison our communities with fentanyl, Dr. Reddy believes that Communist China must be held accountable for its actions.

Find Common Ground

While Dr. Reddy is personally pro-life, he also strongly believes any legislation must include exceptions for rape, incest, danger to the health of the mother, and fetal abnormalities inconsistent with life. He also believes this issue should be left to the states, and that no federal tax dollars should fund abortions.

Protect Taxpayers

Education made Dr. Reddy's American Dream possible, and he took responsibility for its cost. He believes that student loans should be paid by those who took on the debt, and those who either paid off their debts or chose not to go to college shouldn't be expected to foot the bill.

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